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May 27, 2007


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I am a serious fan of Blood Ties. It has offered exactly the kind of story line I have been looking for. The first 12 episodes were wonderful and are now residing on my i-pod where I can access them whenever I need a break from the ordinary. I loved the books and have been very pleasantly surprised by the way Mohan crew has taken them into the real world and made them well rounded characters. The actors selected for this series are above and beyond - in the best possible way. I especially like the humanity of the individual characters - including "Norman."
Chrisina Cox, Kyle Schmid and Dylan Neal have captured just the right tone, and definately play well together. I can hardly wait to see the next 10 episodes!
Btw - There had better be more on the way, because 22 episodes will never be enough for the worldwide fan base this is about to generate.
Don't miss this one!

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